Poster Session

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Poster TitleAuthors
Investigating the Differences in Undergraduate Ophthalmology Training and Creating More Opportunities for Cross-Border Learning and Collaboration in LKC Medicine and Imperial College London [ID:199]  Ali Abdall-Razak
Contained Ventricular Septal Rupture Post Silent Myocardial İnfarction in a Patient Admitted with Pneumonia: A Case Report. [ID:198]  Ahsanul Haque, Floyd Pierres, Tha Htet Nyi, Zia Mehmood, Liam Johnstone, Rebecca Schofield
The Stress Experience of Intensive Care Nurses in Times of the Corona Pandemic [ID:197]  Melina Trimborn, Philipp Koebe
Integrating Saffron’s Metabolomics on Neuroblastoma Treatment [ID:196]Kyriaki Hatziagapiou, Olti Nikola, Eleni Koniari, Christina Kanaka-Gantenbein, Petros Tarantilis  
Guillain-Barré Syndrome Following an Extended-spectrum Beta-lactamase Escherichia coli Urinary Tract Infection: a Case Report [ID:191]  Aaron Fischer
Knowledge of oxygen therapy among health care professionals during Covid 19 pandemic [ID:190]Shagufta Yamin, Syeda  Kausar Ali, Nousheen Saleem, Aemen Nadeem, Maryam Shabbir  
Estimating acute cardiological events in patients with chronic obstructive pneumonic disease after an exacerbation-related hospitalization [ID:187]Ourania Kotsiou, Evdoxia Gogou, Dimitra Siachpazidou, Maria Pinaka, Fotini Bardaka, Antonios Garyfallos, Alexandros Garyfallos, Dimitrios Mantzaris, Athanasios Konstantinidis, Konstantinos I. Gourgoulianis  
Improving the provision of driving advice after hospitalisation in a mental health unit. [ID:181]  Israa Fawaz, Mohammed Elsankary
Chronic aspiration pneumonia masquerading as a fibrotic ILD [ID:177]  Ye Myat, Zin Nwe Htut, Simon Hart
COVID-Well Study: Qualitative Evaluation of Supported Wellbeing Centres and Psychological First Aid for Healthcare Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic [ID:171] Mahnoor Javed
Association of the clinical course of SARS-CoV-2 infection with seasonal influenza vaccination in hospitalized older adults. [ID:167]José Guadalupe Hernández-Hernández, Ricardo Salinas-Martínez, Adrián Camacho-Ortiz, Laura M. Nuzzolo-Shihadeh, David A. Aguilar-Macias, Rocio Morales-Delgado  
The Need for Medication Access Programs may be Greater in States that Did Not Expand Medicaid: A Scoping Review [ID:166]Sakina Chinwala, Angelica Calderon Rodriguez, Breanna Chachere, David Cardenas  
Women’s Health [ID:158]Maria Eduarda Schaparini Fonini, Daniela Celis Severgnini, Ana Carolina Trombetta Pichetti, João Pedro Cardoso Faccio  
Mental Disorders in Medical Career [ID:157]  Geovana Pereira de Souza Luz
Incidence of HIV/AIDS during the pandemic in Brazil [ID:156]Ana Carolina Casalı Zanette, Victória Zeni Leonor  
How efficacious is ultrasound in detecting neurodevelopmental impairments in preterm neonates? [ID:155]Mohamed Nashnoush, Tresha Sivanesanathan  
Elevated Body Mass Index Is Not Associated With Incidence Of Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events or Death in COVID-19 Patients [ID:153]  Hao Nguyen
First-line Agents in Adults with Hypertension Requiring Pharmacological Treatment: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis [ID:150]Abdallah El Alayli, Sara Jdiaa, Veena Manja, Romina Brignardello-Petersen, Mohamad A. Kalot, Razan Mansour, Chase Meyer, Hassan M. Murad  
Should Fixed dose treatment or free-equivalent treatment be used in patients with Hypertension? [ID:149]Abdallah El Alayli, Romina Brignardello- Petersen, Sara Jdiaa, Veena Manja, Razan Mansour, Hassan M. Murad, Reem A. Mustafa  
Ventricular tachycardia in infant with congenital heart disease: a case report [ID:146]  Marcel Aditya Nugraha
Introduction of Senior Led Triaging of Medical Handover in a South London District General Hospital [ID:143]  Julianaa Raghu, George Dovey, Maria Patoczka, Aarthi Surendran
Asthma control and quality of life in Greek asthmatic patients depending on the presence or absence of comorbidities – Results from SKIRON study [ID:142]  Tryfon Stavros, Kastrinakis Ioannis, Argyrakis Kyriakos, Ginis Alexandros, Bertoli Maria
Tracking cancer lesions on surgical samples of gastric cancer by artificial intelligent algorithms. [ID:139]  Tshetiz Dahal
Histological Features of Kidney Observed Through Conventional Microscope and Paper Microscope, A Comparative Study [ID:138]Poonam Singh, Sushanta Paudel
High Protein Diet for Weight Loss: Is There Really a Health Risk? [ID:137]  Maksim Rusev, Michael Johnston, Deniz Atalayer, Matthew Porter
Pharmaceutical Reconstruction of Patients with Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrilation without Structural Heart Disease. The Experience of Intravenual Flekainid. [ID:136]  Vasilios Vasilakopoulos, Pavlos Roditis, Sofia Theodoridou, Eleonora Kipirtidou, Georgios Papagoras, Christos Tsoumis, Anastasios Papanastasiou, Panagiotis Xaras, Avraam- Dimitrios Semizoglou, Stylianos Lampropoulos  
A case report of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome [ID:130]Punhiru Udeshika, Rathnasiri Udp  
Precipitous AKI due to Acute Renal Artery Thrombosis in a Patient with Protein S Deficiency [ID:125]  Tyler Reed
Facial Transplant [ID:123]  Alexandre Carvalho
Rare Infection of Urachal Cyst with Enterococcus Avium [ID:121]  Yong Soo Lee, Raj Shah
HCC Development in Crohn’s Disease Patient [ID:120]Yong Soo Lee, Alexandra Lakey, Mohsan Khan, Dwayne Gordon  
Associations of Parental Occupational Balance with Parental Subjective Health and Health Outcomes of Preterm Infants [ID:119]  Anna Röschel, Angelika Berger, Mona Dür
Homo-Eponyms: An Exclusive Language for the West [ID:118]  Conor O’Flynn
Effects of FMT Verses Humira in Patients with Moderate to Severe Ulcerative Colitis [ID:117]  Ashley Keel
Evaluation of Referrals to an Ophthalmology Department and its impact on Post-COVID service planning [ID:116]  Matthew Sikorski
The Postoperative Instruction template for General Surgery [ID:115]  Matthew Sikorski
COVID-19 and thrombotic risk [ID:114]Kathy Dang, Bailey Hofer, Nigel Adashefski, Julie Kutac
Synthesis, anti-inflammartory activity of 3-amino 5-methoxyl-2-methyl quinazolin-4(3H)-one and 3-amino-6-methoxyl-2-methyl of 4H–benzo[d] [1,3]–oxazine–4–one [ID:113]  Osarumwense Peter Osarodıon
A Non-Invasıve Tool To Quantıfy Autonomıc Dysfunctuıon, A Prognostıc Indıcator In Covıd-19 [ID:111]  Avinash Hanbe Rajanna
Use of indwelling pleural catheters as a palliative care intervention for malignant pleural effusions at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich [ID:108]Grace Tan, Sivanatham Sasikumar, Aun Kazmi
Evolution of Knowledge in the Treatment of Long Standing Atrial Fibrillation in a UK Tennis Champion [ID:106]Shiv Krishnaswamy
Contrast Timing: Missed Pulmonary Embolism [ID:105]Tyler Halicek
Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1c) Levels In Non-Diabetic Patients as Early Indicator of Coronary Disease: Experience of Regional Hospital. [ID:104]Vasilios Vasilakopoulos, Pavlos Roditis, Sofia Theodoridou, Eleonora Kipirtidou, Georgios Papagoras, Christos Tsoumis, Stylianos Lampropoulos  
Quality of life after stroke in Nigeria (low-income country) Can the outcome be predicted? [ID:103]Gloria Adigwe
An Alternative Treatment for Depression: A Positive-Oriented Lifestyles Rehabilitation ‘Fit Mine’ Program In an Acute Psychiatric Setting in Hong Kong [ID:101]TW Ng, DFJ Yu, W Wong, WK Lee, YT Ho, KC Cheng, SF Lui, WS Yeung, CC Luk
Can you update the ward list please? A novel approach to a timeworn resource [ID:99]Emma Stimson, Mark Toynbee
Ovarian metastases from breast cancer: A report of 24 cases [ID:98]Dovile Cerkauskaite, Kastytis Zilinskas, Povilas Varnelis, Mohamad El Oreibi, Viktor Asejev, Audrius Dulskas  
Deconditioning – A study of the physiological and psychological impact on hospital patients [ID:97]Jiya Liz Peter
Assessment of Mortality Rate in Medıcal ICU Using Apache II Scoring System [ID:95]Shagufta Ishtiaq